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Hire Fast at Affordable Prices!

  • Get Candidates for as low as RM15 per profile
  • No Job Posting Fees.
  • No Platform Fees.
  • We believe in paying for only what is important.

Why Are We Different From The Rest?

We're different because we help employers find the best candidates for the job based on their personality data.

Our Assessments

Job Fit Report

A fully validated assessment that provides the data to determine if a candidate's personality fits the job by comparing them to successful performers in more than 258 job functions.

Engagement Report

Help organisations improve recruitment by identifying job suitability and employee commitment thus reducing employee turnover.

Attitude Report

Shows the candidate's attitudes toward work and work-related issues by measuring for counter-productive behaviours.

Cognitive Report

This report highlights the thought processes and reactions that they read information, explore options, and make decisions.

Onboard Report

The Onboarding Reports helps employers to identify the best ways to get their new recruits off to a good start in a new positions as it provides guidance to their personal style, values and motivational drivers during the on-boarding process.

Remote Working Report

The Remote Working Report helps employers to identify key elements in an employer's attitude when it comes to working from home by providing information on their behavioriol and analytical thinking.

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